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Aqua-Hot has a number of diesel or propane/natural gas fired hydronic heaters.  Their diesel heaters force the fuel into the combustion chamber at a relatively high pressure.  This pressure vaporizes the diesel in the combustion chamber and allows it to burn efficiently

We can maintain or repair any part of your hydronic system: including;

  • Annual required maintenance
  • Boiler and combustion chamber repair
  • Heating zone repair.
  • Thermostat and control board issues.
  • Radiator maintenance, repair and replacement.
  • Maintenance of the connections to your Chassis Engine.

There are two major suppliers of Hydronic heaters to the RV Industry: Aqua-Hot and Oasis.

Hydronic Heating Systems


Oasis on the other hand has 3 similar products that differ in Btu output.  The Oasis systems use a low pressure venturi to atomize diesel in the combustion chamber.

annual maintenance

Whether you have an Oasis or Aqua-Hot, they both require annual maintenance.  Burners need to be serviced to insure the diesel is burning efficiently and completely, soot needs to be cleaned out of the combustion chambers, and the diesel fuel filters need to be replaced.  At Texas RV we are knowledgeable about all models and can handle any maintenance issues you may have.